2x12: The Choice

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Season 2 finale! Carrie is faced with an important decision while Brody and Saul go through a similar situation.


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Hey there! We're here to discuss the most important events of The Choice, Homeland's season 2 finale. In case you haven't watched the episode yet, be careful, this article contains spoilers.

At the very beginning things seem to be pretty quiet. Carrie and Brody have an intimate encounter that makes them think about their future. Despite Quinn has been ordered to kill Nick, when the time comes the CIA agent doesn't feel like it's the right choice as Brody is no longer a threat. However, the real action is near the episode finale.

The former vicepresident is now dead and a memorial is being held at Langster, to wish Walden to rest in peace. Among the attendants we can see Brody, Carrie, Saul and David Estes. When peace is all people are asking for, Brody realizes his car has been moved. Carrie reflects on this for a moment and when her look changes a massive bomb explodes breaking apart the entire place. The lifes of more than two hundred people have been taken and Carrie and Brody must run away to stay safe.

Interesting fact: this episode had a total of 2.29 million viewers in America, being the second most watched episode of season 2.

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