2x1: The Smile

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An asset from Carrie's former life comes in from the cold. Meanwhile, Nick Brody finds out that Abu Nazir is not happy with his non-violent approach to affecting change in American foreign policy.


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The Smile is Homeland's season 2 opening act. We would like to talk about the most important events of the episode and how things from season 1 finale continue in the present.

In the first place, Carrie has overcome her huge personal crisis. If you can recall, our beloved character ended the first season with electroconvulsive therapy as it seemed to be the only way out for her. In the present, Carrie stays with her family in a calm enviroment. However, things suddenly change whtn a CIA agent shows up.

In the second place, Bordy (now a congressman) receives crucial information about Abu-Nazir. It seems that the well-known terrorist disagrees with the way Nick is handling things. Besides, Brody's security is compromised as Dana, his daughter, speaks about something she shouldn't even think.

Some extra information: Did you notice the internal struggle Brody is going through? The scene with the former sergeant burying the Quran made our blood ran cold. On the other hand, The Smile had a total of 1.73 million viewers in the United States and it was one of the season's lowest ratings.

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