1x12: Marine One

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Season finale! Carrie is catatonic and must stay in bed, while Saul gets the missing pieces of the puzzle of Carrie’s personal timeline.


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

Hey there! We're here to discuss the most important facts about Marine One, Homeland's season 1 finale. Fasten your seat belts because this episode contains some major events that change all the scenario.

In the first place, Carrie is going through a deep depression. After being kicked from the CIA, the woman stays at her place, alone and feeling both guilty and anxious. However, Saul visits her and tries to help so she at least doesn't get even worse.

Secondly, Brody reaches a point of no return in his personal life. The first scene shows him recording a video tape of himself talking about the real facts that happened in the past. Therefore, the mistery of who's the responsible for the death of 82 innocent kids is finally revealed. The episode ends with Carrie about to start a electroshock therapy to treat her schizoid behavior. Suddenly, a memory pops into Carrie's head: Brody is telling the name of Abu Nazir's son, Issa, while being asleep and dreaming. However, Carrie faints and her memories disappear. Do you think she's going to ever remember that again?

Some extras: did you know this is the longest episode of the entire season? It has a total runtime of 84-85 minutes. Besides, did you notice how the crucial moments have been filmed just by the use of the hands? This is cinematographic resource to make the action feel a lot more intense

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