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Corps Sgt. Nicholas Brody, presumed dead in Iraq, is found alive in an Al Qaeda prison. Back in the USA, he reconnects with his family, and notices that the things had changed. Jessica, his wife, begun a serious relationship with a friend of him, and his sons barely remember him.


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

Hey there! The series you've just started watching is called Homeland and this is the pilot episode. We would like to brief you with the general storyline and what is the beginning about.

The story starts in Baghdad (Irak) with CIA agent Carrie Mathison, a character played by the incredible actress Claire Danes. While working in the city to get some valuable information, Carries aims to avoid the death sentence for Hasan Ibrahim. Despite she's not able to achieve that, Hasan brings her the information she was looking for: an american agent has turned and it's now working with the enemy.

On the other hand we have Sergeant Hicholas Brody, an american soldier that has been in Irak as a war prisoner for eight (yes, 8) years. The episode goes deep into his emotions and experiences that entirely change his present: he goes back to the US, reencounters with his family, finds out his mother died 4 ayer ago and he even gets to know the Vicepresident of the United States.

Interesting facts: the series has been critically acclaimed by reporters and websites like Metacritic or IMDB. What's your opinion on the show? Finally, Brody's role is played by Damian Lewis, a 45-year-old british actor and producer.

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